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Obituary for a GR......

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:05 pm
by aliengrove
My GR is dying....the lens keeps getting jammed, and after stripping and rebuilding the lens assembly myself twice, it's now got loads of sensor spots in addition to the lens jamming I am going to strip the whole camera down and clean it using some dodgy internet instructions.

I can't complain about the usage I have had, though shutter count is only 11300. It's been all over the world, spent many hours rattling around in a tank-bag in the desert on my bike and getting stuffed in pockets. It's paid for all my Sony gear and had pictures in books, newspapers, magazines and adverts; it's been by far my most productive camera financially.

I am guessing Ricoh will release another GR this year, so am a bit reluctant to replace it just yet, but can't imagine being without it. Hopefully my repair will work, but I'm not very confident. So RIP little camera, and let's hope you will have an Easter resurrection.....

Here's what could prove to be it's last aerial image....

ImageEmbalse del Guadalhorce by Jon, on Flickr

Obituary for a GR......

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:21 pm
by LennyBloke
Difficult position to be without such a great little camera. Personally I'm hoping the next version will be "sealed" to stop the sensor getting those mysterious dust spots!

If that is the last image then it's a fitting tribute :cheers:

Obituary for a GR......

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:32 pm
by Dr Orloff
When you take the screen off then deconnect the white ribbon from the screen. If it becomes detached from the camera side its a bugger. the wires around the edge of the screen are fiddly. Otherwise its not that difficult. When you see how crappy the gasket is that should seal the sensor then you won't believe it. Only worthg buying on a two year warranty and make sure its get used tone during that time as it will leak dust at some point and they haven't sorted it yet - which would involve spending literally a few extra pence per unit.

Obituary for a GR......

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:11 pm
by aliengrove
Thanks Doc. I have some instructions that don't involve removing the ribbon from the screen so hopefully won't have to disconnect it.

Apparently the gasket that seals the sensor is a rectangular gasket forced onto a round seat? Seems ridiculous to compromise an excellent camera with a cheap part.

The GR has more than paid for itself but I am very disappointed with that seal and the lens assembly. Here's hoping the next model is better.

Obituary for a GR......

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:12 pm
by Derek897
I see there's one for sale over on the other forum.
That's a shame, as you have said it has seen some travels, Inc Iceland :)
Delivers great images.